My 1st Post (sort of)

First off, welcome to short + loud! My new little corner of the internet.

To be honest, I can’t call this my first blog post. I have had a lot of blogs in my day. From what I can remember (and I am sure I am missing some), I’ve had 2 livejournals, 1 melodramatic (does anyone else remember those?), 2 blogspots, and 2 tumblrs.

Oh the days of early to mid-2000s blogging. But boy has the internet changed since then. And more than that, boy have I changed since then.

Some of those blogs were filled with my inner most secrets. Others were my personal ode to the internet and all things pop culture. They felt sporadic and tumultuous, just as I did in my teens and early 20s. But at some point, learning how to be an adult (still working on that one) became the focus of life and my blogs all fell to the wayside.

But here I am, in my early 30s, giving this blogging thing another whirl even though my inner critic is telling me that “blogs are done for”, “the internet has moved on”, “why start an archaic format when we are hurtling through the interwebs at a pace of instagram stories considered boring if they don’t cut to the chase within 3 seconds?”

Well inner critic who looks shockingly like those creepy images that take your face and your partner’s face and makes a horrifying alien baby thing, but in this case it’s the faces of every person whose opinion I have held too high for too long…

I’m doing this because it feels like me. I’m a complicated person full of ideas and opinions that don’t fit into one thing. I love crafts. I love bright colors. I also have some strong opinions about fast-fashion, race in America, and the facial hair trends of the NBA.


On top of that, I feel a yearning from the people around me to want to slow down. To retrain ourselves to focus on one thing at a time. So maybe, dear friends, the days of the blog are coming back. And if not, that’s okay. I’ll still be here. Doing what I like to do, saying what I feel compelled to say, and sharing it with you.

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