Office Supplies: My Washi Tape Collection

What more is there to say about washi tape that hasn’t already been said on the internet? It’s fun, it’s reusable, and it’s possibilities are endless.

If you are looking to up your collection, here are some that are currently catching my eye:

Washi Tape Buying Guide
  1. Bando 2. Papersource 3. Muji 4. Papersource 5. Etsy

Happy colorful taping!

3 thoughts on “Office Supplies: My Washi Tape Collection

  1. Jillian!! What kinds of things do you washi tape for? they’re cut but other than scrapbooking I never know what to do with them!

    1. I use it to replace scotch tape for wrapping presents. It’s also great if you need to tape something temporarily – it comes off of other paper a lot easier than scotch tape – so I use it to tape posters and art on walls. I’ve also used it as labels – I write names on pieces of washi tape and stick it to champagne flutes/wine glasses so everyone can find their drink!

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