DIY: How to Turn Vintage Costume Clip-on Earrings into Studs for Pierced Ears

I recently inherited a massive collection of costume jewelry from my grandma. Tins, bags, boxes full of the stuff. I was so excited to get my hands on these colorful, vibrant pieces but was bummed to realized that all of the earrings are clip-ons.

Vintage costume clip-on earrings

I’m pretty minimal (see: lazy) in my morning beauty routine so I rock a lot of earrings to cover up for the fact that I generally wear no make-up and my hair is always in a bun. But throw some big geometric tortoise shell earrings on, and you look put together! (Right?)

I attempted to wear a set as clip-ons to a wedding but could only last about 20 minutes before the pain was unbearable. I ripped them off but also couldn’t imagine a life where I couldn’t rock these bad boys in the future.

So I figured out an incredibly easy way to make some of these clip-on earrings into ones that I can wear with my pierced ears.

You will need:

Vintage costume clip-on earrings

Step one: search through your collection for the earrings that you want to work with.

TIP: Earrings that will have more of a flat back (once the clip-on is removed) will work best.

wire cutting the backs of Vintage costume clip-on earrings

Step two: have your wire cutters up as flush with the back of the earring as possible, hold your breath, and CUT!

TIP: The first time I tried this, I didn’t use my other hand to cover the earring, so the clip-on section that I cut went flying across the room. Use your other hand to shield yourself and your loved ones!

adding e6000 to earring post backing

Step three: Put a small dollop of glue on the flat part of the earring stud and gently place on a flat part of the back of the earring, probably somewhere near where you fut the clip-on from.

gluing earring post to Vintage costume clip-on earrings

Step four: Let dry upside-down for a full 24 hours so the glue sets.

Vintage costume clip-on earrings

Step five: Wear that ish like the fancy-ass you are!

Vintage costume clip-on earrings
Can’t you tell that I am incredibly excited about these earrings/incredibly cool?

Did you find this tutorial helpful? Did you wear your fancy new earrings out on the town? Comment and let me know!


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