Printable: 2019 Oscar Ballot

I’m not going to lie to you. I have definitely not seen as many Oscar nominated films this year as I have in years past. I saw plenty of movies this year but for some reason, the ones I loved weren’t nominated (I’m looking at you Sorry to Bother You).

But not seeing all of the movies never stops me from enjoying watching The Academy Awards. I cannot tell you the last time that I missed the Oscars. This is partly because I live in Los Angeles and partly due to years of working in the entertainment business, but honestly, I was watching the Oscars in my single-digit childhood years too. I can’t kick the habit.

Printable Oscar Ballot

And Oscar pools just add to the fun of the evening! So I made a printable Oscar ballot for you to use at your viewing party/your office match-up/or alone at home to prove to yourself how in-the-know you are.

Printable Oscar Ballot

And if you need some advice, here are my opinions about the films that I did end up seeing this year:

A STAR IS BORN: Maybe my favorite of the year (of the nominees). I was a ball of tears almost start to finish. From the moment that Ally sings in front of her first giant crowd, I lost it. I know that this movie was hit-or-miss for a lot of people, and all of the criticisms I have heard are extremely valid, it’s just that I loved it and none of its missteps bothered me. Maybe it resonated so much with me because I have a past as a performer and deal with my own mental health issues from time to time. Either way – this film got rave reviews when it came out but might have come out too early and fizzled by the time award campaigns started (but it better win Best Song).

THE FAVOURITE: Not my favourite (sorry, Corey). The acting is fantastic. The world does not deserve the complexities of Olivia Colman. She is a wonder. But it was slow for me. The aesthetic of that era exhausts me if I have to look at it for too long, and I got a headache trying to read the end titles because of the graphic design choices. But hey, if you love The Lobster, you’ll love this movie. But not for me.

BLACK PANTHER: This was a great Marvel movie. One of the best in quite some time. It has sparked a very important conversation in the entertainment industry, the production and costume designs are beautiful, and it’s an all-star cast. I think it is groundbreaking that a blockbuster action movie was nominated, but I think the Academy is probably still too uptight to give a blockbuster action movie the statue.

Printable Oscar Ballot

My guess for Best Picture even though I haven’t seen 5 out of the 8… Green Book. People seem to love it. Which ones am I gunning for even though I haven’t seen them… Blackkklansman or Roma.

Have you seen all of the films nominated this year? What are your predictions?

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