10 Questions with Kiya Schnorr

For the 2nd edition of “10 Questions with…” we are spending some time with my new food blogger friend, Kiya Schnorr. Kiya and I found each other on instagram and through a few classy jokes about bratwurst, I knew that we were each other’s people.

Kiya started out making cooking streams on Twitch under the name KiyaFries, due to her love of french fries (again – she’s my people), and kept the name when she created her food blog, KiyaFries. In 2018, she won the Create Cooking Challenge, and she has a web series coming out this year that will be on Create TV.

Her humor and bright colors are a breath of fresh air in the online food community. She also posts about ways to go green in the kitchen and eliminate food waste. She’s awesome. Enjoy her answers!

Kiya Schnorr: Food Blogger at Kiya Fries

1. Describe your perfect morning.

I wake up early, (which is about 8am for me), brew some fresh coffee, then make something simple and fresh like eggs and ripe tomatoes and enjoy it all outside on a sunny day with Chris and our cat, Luffy. Ideally our cat would also let me snuggle her, but that might be too much to ask.

2. If you were a color or pattern, what would you be and why?

I’d be a pink and orange pattern of repeating swirls, with a kinda retro/ kinda modern feel. Orange and pink keep reappearing in my life, and they’re recently my favorite colors because they feel like me. I’m swirly and abstract, yet it’s very important to me that things make sense, are balanced, and are productive and pleasing. The pattern would have to be a little imperfect too, like we all are.

3. After a long day, what do you do to take the edge off?

A dirty martini or a glass or red wine, a good show, and Pinterest. Aimlessly scrolling through Pinterest is my happy place. I also love a good steam in a hot shower with essential oils.

Kiya Schnorr: Food Blogger at Kiya Fries

4. If you have company coming over, what’s your go to recipe to impress?

Something simple and comforting like a roast chicken or a pasta— anything that reminds me of Ina Garden, she’s my hostess idol. I’ve learned through trial and error that making something simple that’s really delicious is the best route for company— if the dish isn’t too complicated I know that I’ll be able to enjoy it too!

5. Recommend something to me.

This is going to sound so odd, but the single best tool I use every single day is a dish scraper from Kohler.  It sounds ridiculous, but when you do as many dishes as I do it’s a game changer. It works so well because it’s well designed, and good design makes me so happy!

6. What’s the most niche niche you are interested in?

I’m really interested in edible Asian plants that are rare in the US. I’d love to grow my own wasabi root, yuzu and kaffir lime trees, and shiso leaves. They actually aren’t that hard to find in stores here is Seattle, which is really cool! 

Kiya Schnorr: Food Blogger at Kiya Fries

7. What is your favorite beverage?

Any kind of unsweetened carbonated water. It’s such a luxury, yet it’s just water. It’s easy for me to love because it’s one of the few things I like to consume that doesn’t have tons of calories.

8. What was the last thing you laughed really hard at?

My husband Chris makes me laugh a lot— we’re both goofballs and we have the same weird sense of humor. I’m so thankful that we do, because laughing is one of my favorite things.

9. If you had $1000 to donate to any charity, where would you donate?

Any organization that offers food security and infiltrates food desserts in low-income urban areas. The Hunger Intervention Program is based here in Seattle, so I think that would be my pick— I feel getting involved locally is one of the best things we can do for our country.

10. Do you eat in the bath?

I don’t take many baths these days, but I’m certainly not opposed to the idea. When I was a kid I would eat Chex mix in the tub and it was the BEST! Today I think I’d go for more of a wine and chocolate menu.

Isn’t she cool? I am definitely going to spend my next relaxing evening learning more about edible plants and drinking a La Croix while scrolling Pinterest in ode to this awesome woman.

Kiya Schnorr: Food Blogger at Kiya Fries

You can find Kiya and her work below:


Kiya’s Instagram

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