Printable: “There is No More Space for Negativity” Coloring Page

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know that I went to my very first craft/creators conference recently. I spent 4 days in Ventura, CA at Craftcation and the joy and inspiration that it filled me with was beyond any expectation I could have had. Don’t worry, I’ll do a deep dive post on Craftcation soon.

I have been feeling this creative afterglow since the conference. There was so much positivity and championing of each other and our work. The lack of negativity was astounding. I could almost feel my molecules rearranging into a non-cynical person! Me! Can you believe that?

So I sat down and created this Instagram post. I wasn’t sure it matched my aesthetic, or if it was any good at all really. But I was inspired by all the creatives who I could still feel cheering me on from the weekend before.

I was nervous but I posted it. And you know what? The response was amazing. All of my Craftcationers came through and commented with the same support that I felt throughout the conference.

I turned that post into a free downloadable coloring page so that you can feel inspired to rid your mind of negativity as well. Trust me, giving yourself a moment to stop and focus on the positive can have such a powerful impact on your day. And that’s coming from a sometimes-grumpy-cynic!

Grab your download here and tag your finished pieces with #shortandloud

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