10 Questions with Sewing Blogger Tabitha Sewer

Tabitha Sewer in her Unicorn Jacket

I am so excited to introduce you to this month’s 10 Questions Interviewee, Tabitha Sewer! Tabitha is pretty badass, guys. She’s a bright and colorful sewing blogger, a US Air Force veteran (over 10 years!), a college professor of business, and the most open, honest, and giving creative that I have yet to find on the internet.

Her makes are seriously gorgeous and I covet ALL OF THEM. A rainbow sequin maxi skirt? Yes, please. A bright blue furry coat? Don’t mind if I do. And her latest colorful striped floor length linen dress with matching belt bag? Good thing she lives in another state or I would be chasing her down the street to get my hands on that thing.

And besides her very on point and dramatic pieces, Tabitha is doing so much good on her multiple instagram accounts. She runs @sewingbloggers where she highlights different talented sewists daily, while serving her mission of celebrating diversity in the maker community. Tabitha also started @bloggertiptuesday based on a project that she was doing on her @tabithasewer account. Every Tuesday she posts a different tip on her stories, and trust me, these are golden. She is so giving of her time and knowledge. Tabitha is so incredibly refreshing in a world that sometimes can focus too much on competition instead of collaboration.

Tabitha Sewer in her Rainbow Bright Dress

So without further ado, here are Tabitha’s answers to my 10 Questions.

1. Describe your perfect morning.

My perfect morning is waking up to the sound of my beautiful kids fighting. LOL! And cuddling with my husband.

2. If you were a color or pattern, what would you be and why?

If I were a color, I would be the color black. Believe it or not, I don’t like attention while I’m offline (when I’m not working). In ”real” life, I’m very much low key.

3. After a long day, what do you do to take the edge off?

After a long day, I just like to relax and watch youtube. I have so many favorites.

Tabitha Sewer in her Rainbow Sequins Maxi Skirt

4. If you have company coming over, what’s your go to recipe to impress?

My go to recipe? Hmmm….I think I’d stick with finger foods and a pretty fruit and cheese platter.

5. Recommend something to me.

Hmmm…..I recommend that you listen to a new podcast by my friend Kimberly. Its called A Coffee with Makers. She interviews makers of all kinds and it’s so interesting to listen to. I love how you can learn so much from all of the different people that is interviewed and a lot of times, I apply what I’ve learned into my business. Its a great podcast to listen to, to learn so much about amazing artists behind the beautiful curated instagram pages.

(Jillian’s note: I did in fact take Tabitha’s recommendation and listened to 4 episodes of A Coffee with Makers in 24 hours. It is a great podcast and Tabitha’s episode is fantastic! She and Kimberly really delve into the topic of inclusion and diversity in the craft world and I am so here for it.)

6. What’s the most niche niche you are interested in?

SEWING! Is that a surprise?! LOL!

7. What is your favorite beverage?

My favorite beverage is a Chai Tea Latte.

8. What was the last thing you laughed really hard at?

My kids and their silly antics.

Tabitha Sewer in her Monsters Inc Fur Coat

9. If you had $1000 to donate to any charity, where you would donate?

I would donate to NAMI (National Association for Mental Illness) which I’ve donated to in the past.

10. Do you eat in the bath?

Huh? LOL! What an odd question. Do people do that?

See, I told you. Tabitha is the best. Now if you don’t mind me, I am going to take notes from my friend, Tabitha, and watch youtube, while drinking a chai tea latte, and eating the best genre of food around: finger foods.

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