11 Creative Craft Projects for Plane Travel that are TSA Approved

Creative Craft Projects for Plane Travel that are TSA Approved

We are going to Sweden in just a few weeks and to say that I am excited is an understatement. But before we get there, I’ve got to endure the 11 hour plane flight, and to do that, I am going to need more than a book and some movie options. I’ve pulled together a list of different creative projects that can be done on planes (TSA approved!). From crafting to journaling, I got you.

Classic Ribbed Knit Hat by Purl Soho


One of the more perfect crafts for a plane. It’s meditative in it’s repetitiveness but with the right pattern, requires just enough focus that you won’t get bored. I like to knit small loop scarves or hats so that they don’t take up too much space.

For our next big flight, I am planning on conquering my fear of hats and making this one from Purl Soho.

Tip: even though TSA guidelines says you can bring all types of knitting needles, I find it’s best to bring wooden or plastic circular needles. I even like to start a few rows at home so that there is a clue for TSA when they are wondering what the heck I brought in my carry-on.

The Pudgy Rabbit Crochet Cupcake Kit


The cousin of knitting, crochet is an even safer bet for your plane project since the hook isn’t pointy like knitting needles. This adorable cupcake kit comes with everything you need so that you are taxing at your arrival with a brand new cupcake.

Cross Stitch Patterns from Short and Loud


You CAN bring cross-stitch needles on to planes! Just like knitting, I would at least have a needle pre-threaded and everything packed together so that they can tell what you are going to be using it for.

And if you want to pick up this easy and portable craft, you can learn how in my skillshare class.

Studio MME's New York City Brooklyn Bridge Embroidery Kit


Want a little more freedom than cross stitch? You can pick up embroidery for your plane ride. If you grab a kit from Studio MME, you can even get some city specific patterns to get you excited about your destination.

The Mindfulness Coloring Book


The adult coloring book craze has seemed to have calmed down a little but I still find it incredibly soothing. I prefer the intricate modern patterns in this easy-to-store coloring book, or you can print this free coloring page that I designed myself!

Puzzle Books

If you want to exercise your mind in a different way, try some mini puzzle books like this one or this one.

Amy Tangerine's Watercolor Kit

Water Color

I know what you are thinking, “water color on a plane?” But with Amy Tangerine’s travel water color kit, you can easily watercolor in the cloud without creating a mess.

Amazing Origami Book


Learn the art of Origami on your fold down tray and delight your flight attendant with a heart or a swan. This beautiful book comes with instructions and folding paper. Maybe you’ll get a free drink out of it!

Friendship Bracelets from The Neon Tea Party

Friendship Bracelets

On a recent girls trip, my friend and I spent the whole flight making friendship bracelets and catching up on life instead of watching movies separately. Grab a full kit from The Neon Tea Party.

Tip: Hook the end loop of your bracelet around the hook for your tray so it stays hanging in front of you.

Wanderlust Travel Passport Journaly by BoboDesignStudio


Journaling can be great for your mental health and productivity. You can find prompts for personal growth, creativity, and organization. Get excited about your trip by playing in the Wanderlust Travel Passport by BoboDesignStudio.

Circular Woven Trivet Kit by Flax and Twine

Circular Weaving

I took a Circular Weaving workshop from Flax and Twine and it was such a soothing and meditative craft, perfect for those with a bit of plane anxiety. Pick up her Circular Woven Trivet Kit to make your own.

This post contains affiliate links which just means that if you buy through that link, I get a little extra cash-o-la. It doesn’t change your price in any way. Happy shopping!

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