Travel Hack: A Game to Play to Pass the Time

Travel Hack: A Game to Play to Pass the Time

It’s summer vacation time, everybody! You are probably at your desk, daydreaming about the Eiffel Tower, or white sand beaches, or riding that new ride at insert-name-here theme park. Now, I don’t want to rain on your parade, but if you are anything like me, you forget about the lines you wait in, the public transport you ride in, and the long road trip which can all be less than glamorous.

But in our household, we have a steadfast game that we play to help pass the time on vacations. What’s funny is that you don’t need anything for this game, you can play it anytime anyplace, however we only play this game on vacation! I think it has to do with running out of things to talk about because it’s been 2 weeks of just the two of us and we have experienced every moment together! We can’t say “Hey! My co-worker told me a hilarious story at work today!” because on vacation, your travel partner was already there for the story.

Corey and I at the top of hike in the Lake District of England

So when we hit that point, one of us (usually me because I need much more social interaction) turns to the other and says, “Do you want to play the game?”

I think there are tons of names for this game but we just call it “The Game.”

It’s simple:

  • Each person thinks of a person/character. They can be from real life, a book, a movie, a cereal box. Anything. You just have to know that they other person has heard of them before.
  • The person you have thought of “is” the person you are playing with.
  • Person 1 asks a yes or no question in the first person. Example: Am I alive?
  • If your answer is yes, they get to keep asking questions until they get a no. Once they get a no, it’s your turn to ask yes or no questions.
  • And you keep going until you can guess who the other person is.
Corey and Me in front of Cloud Gate aka The Bean in Chicago

And that’s it. And we have played for hours. Some of our tougher guesses have been: Tony the Tiger, Rita Skeeter, Tim Ferriss, and Julia Child.

Do you have any games that you like to play to pass the time?

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