DRESS YOUR TECH: Desktop and Phone Wallpaper #5

Desk and Phone Wallpaper

How are we halfway through 2019 already? This year has been flying by for me and so far, I’m feeling pretty darn good about it. I decided at the beginning of the year to start doing the things that I always wanted to do, instead of just talking about wanting to do them.

So far I’ve:

  1. started a blog
  2. learned how to make stained glass
  3. gone to a creative conference
  4. learned to bake bread
  5. traveled to Sweden
Work Moderately Play Moderately phone wallpaper

I guess I should start thinking about my list for the 2nd half of the year! One thing I will definitely continue working on is the ever-so-elusive “work/life balance.” If you struggle with this as well, you can grab this desktop and phone wallpaper that I designed to remind you to Work Moderately, Play Moderately (because the phrase Work Hard Play Hard just sounds exhausting).

Desktop Wallpaper

Phone Wallpaper

Work Moderately, Play Moderately computer desktop wallpaper

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