DIY: Renew an Old Stained Hat into an On-Trend Embroidered Accessory

DIY: Abstract Embroidered Hat

It is officially summer time which means lazy afternoons on the couch reading a book, drinking too much La Croix, and running up the electricity bill because we live in Los Angeles and it gets hella hot here. It also means that during my evening dog walks, I need to wear a baseball hat or give in to being blinded by the sun.

The other day I went to grab one of my 2 trusty dog-walking hats and noticed that it now has some not so cute stains on the front from years of sacrificing itself for the greater good. The greater good being my forehead and eyeballs. Not wanting to toss a perfectly good hat, one that had given so much for me, I decided to focus my next project on giving my very deserving hat a makeover.

This is an abstract piece, meaning it does not need to look like any specific thing. You just decide as you go so there is no need to follow a chart!

Supplies to Embroider a Baseball Hat

You will need:

Since my hat is stained, all I needed to do was go over the area with different stitches to cover the stains. If your hat does not have stains, congratulations! You are both cleaner than me and get to choose where to put your stitches!

I chose 3 colors and 3 different abstract stitch shapes to give some texture and playfulness to my renewed hat. The stitches I chose were straight stitches, cross-stitches, and french knots.

Cross Stitching on a baseball hat

Of all of these, the french knot is the one that always makes me the most nervous but once you get the hang of it, you can fly through these.

French Knots on a baseball hat

Wrap your thread 2-3 times around your needle, insert your needle back into the fabric very close to where the stitch came up but make sure it is not the same hole.

French Knots on a baseball hat

Pull the thread tight so that the wrapped area is right up against the hat, and pull through.

French Knots on a baseball hat

Now keep going and changing colors and stitches wherever you want until the stain is covered!

embroidered baseball cap

Since I need the hat specifically for our dog walks, I thought Muggsy might want to model it.

chihuahua wearing baseball hat

Maybe I was wrong.

Happy Stitching!

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