My Favorite Podcasts to Get Out of a Creative Rut

Podcasts to Get You Out of a Creative Rut

The age of podcasts is officially here. Almost everyone I know now listens to at least one podcast regularly. It’s a phenomenal time to start listening because there is a podcast for everything these days! For a very long time, I only listened to comedy and food podcasts but recently, there has been some major moves in the crafter/maker podcast genre.

Now when I am having days where I’m feeling in a creative rut, I can pop on one of the podcasts listed below and feel like I am hanging out at craft night with some of the coolest and most inspiring creative women around. Download these for your next road trip!

A Coffee with Makers

A Coffee with Makers Podcast

Kimberly Payne of Straight Stitch Designs has created a warm and cozy podcast that makes we want make a cup of coffee, snuggle up on the couch with my latest project, and just breathe in the supportive atmosphere. This podcast feels like 2 friends having a casual chat, until you realize that these 2 friends are creative women who are at the top of their game, and you are actually learning a ton about the ups and downs of running creative business. One of my favorite episodes is the interview with Tabitha Sewer, who also answered my 10 Questions.

Craft Hangout

Craft Hangout Podcast

Okay, I am a little biased with Craft Hangout since I was “kidnapped” by Eliza Kapitan and Jessie Katz Greenberg while at Craftcation. You can listen to our escapade in their Craftcation episode here. These women are so rad and I get the theme song stuck in my head all. the. time. If you want a high dose of craft energy, check out this podcast.

Creative Queso

Creative Queso Podcast

I haven’t met Jennifer Perkins in real life yet but after listening to her podcast, I have a feeling we could be fast friends. This crafty woman loves kitsch, color, and queso. I mean come on now! I recommend starting with her interview with Danielle Kurtz of Kid Made Modern.

Dear Handmade Life

Dear Handmade Life Podcast

From the creator of Craftcation (that you know I can’t stop raving about), this podcast has all of the creative heavy hitters you’ve been looking for. Nicole has a way of making her guests feel comfortable and willing to share such vital information for an audience itching to be a part of this creative world. Check out Lisa Congdon’s episode (because she is the literal best), and 2 of my 10 Questions guests, Angie Chua, and Adrienne Wiley.

Ladies Who Do Cool Sh!t

Ladies Who Do Cool Shit Podcast

And I would be remiss to leave off this podcast that features women who are still working out their ultimate career path. Serena is a blast to listen to (and be real life friends with), and she is so eager to learn about each and every one of her guests. Though not all episodes feature specifically craft/maker stories, they all are definitely inspiring female stories. I was lucky enough to be on an episode that you can find here.

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