Free Pattern Download: Make a Modern Christmas Tree Cross-Stitch Ornament

It’s the holiday season and I truly had high hopes of getting lots of projects and posts out to you guys this year but life had other plans. Instead of devoting all of my time to Christmas DIYs, we ended up BUYING A HOUSE and spending every minute of our free time working on all the fixer upper stuff you could imagine. I plan on getting a big post out to you all that explains all of the house stuff that is going on but right now we’re covered in paint, caulking, piles of lumber, and everything else you can think of when it comes to renovations. So more on that eventually!

Modern Christmas Tree Cross Stitch Ornament

And with all of that craziness, I’m giving myself a pass this holiday season, while still providing a little holiday cheer to all of you! My little gift to you all this year is a free Christmas cross-stitch pattern. It’s cute and modern and the perfect size to stitch up as an ornament for yourself or a friend.

It’s a simple pattern so it’s perfect for a beginner and can be done in just a few hours.

Here are all the supplies you will need to get started:

Feel free to be creative and use whatever colors you prefer, but if you want to stick to this exact color scheme, you will want to grab:

And in regards to buying embroidery thread, I would highly suggest going in-person to your local craft store to purchase if that’s a possibility for you. Buying specific colors online is more expensive and in this case, if you need to buy online, look for the cheaper color that is close to what the pattern calls for. It doesn’t have to be exact and you can save yourself a couple of bucks. But truly, going to the store and using those sweet coupons can get you skeins of thread for less than 50 cents. If you’ve got a local craft store, definitely take this path to make this craft even more cost-effective than it already is.


Here’s the pattern to follow along directly from the site, or if you would like to print out and keep for future ornaments, you can download it directly right here. This pattern includes a color version and a black and white symbols version so that you can save your color ink (because that stuff is pricey, my friends).

Modern Christmas Tree Cross Stitch Ornament Pattern

For step by step instructions to learn the basics of Cross-Stitch, you can check out my skillshare class (and also get 2 free months of Skillshare Premium).

Modern Christmas Tree Cross Stitch Ornament

And if you are hunting for more mini Christmas patterns, you can check out my additional patterns in my etsy shop! It’s full of patterns that fit 3 inch hoops, the perfect ornament size, and also, the perfect size to finish a piece while doing a Christmas movie marathon (is anyone else still obsessed with The Princess Switch? Just me?)

Hope you enjoy and please tag your final pieces on whatever social media you prefer #shortandloud

This post contains affiliate links which just means that if you buy through that link, I get a little extra cash-o-la. It doesn’t change your price in any way. Happy shopping!

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