We Bought a House!

We bought a house!

This post should really be titled, “We Bought a House (3 months ago)!” I had grand plans to post about “the best ways to pack for a move”, a “moving checklist”, etc. and then the actual packing, moving, and renovations started happening (more on the renovations later) and I decided it was best to not add another item to the to do list. But hey, better late than never! So here’s a little tour of the new house with some ideas of what is to come.

The house was built in 1937 and has so much of it’s original charm. I am a total sucker for character and history in a house and this place is full of character and detail! There are built-ins all over the place, original doorknobs, and weird old technology (like an old dual thermometer on the wall that tells us the temperature comparing inside and outside).

We have lots of things that we want to slowly change and adjust so here is where we are starting from…

Living Room:

living room, fireplace, built in bookshelf

A fireplace was always on my “must” list and this place came through. Not only does it have gorgeous brick detail, it’s also a gas burning fireplace, which in California, means that we can have a fire whenever we want, instead of being constricted to the no-burn days that are necessary for wood fireplaces to protect our homes and land.

living room, windows with shutters

The house had carpet throughout before it went on the market and was torn up to reveal these pristine hardwood floors. Almost every room has shutters on the windows, something that I wasn’t sure I would be into but have fallen in love with them and the ability to choose exactly how much light we let in.

There is no overhead lighting in this room so we are going to be adding in some canned recessed lighting. The previous owners also took the baseboard trim off when removing the carpeting so we need to eventually put trim back in almost every room.


bedroom with shutters

Our master bedroom is a good size. Not too huge but we could definitely get the king sized bed we’ve been dreaming of (someday). There is a mini walk-in closet with cabinets and a built-in, old school shoe rack.

walk-in closet with built-in cabinets

This room also has no overhead lighting but there is a plate on the ceiling that we think is covering up wiring. I would love to get a vintage light fixture for this room.

2nd Bedroom/Office:

2nd bedroom/office

The second bedroom is going to become our office. I am currently typing this from this room with boxes, cables, poster board, and the tons more of our stuff strewn about. I am really excited to make this room into a highly functional shared office and maker space.

I have this big dream of making one wall a giant desk with faux built-in bookshelves all the way to the ceiling. Corey and I will be sharing the office and we both have our own computer set-ups so having one big long desk would feel so sweet when we work next to each other.


old vintage colored tile bathroom

We really wanted a house with 2 bathrooms but it was something we decided we were okay with losing because this house felt so right. Plus, Corey and I have lived together for 9 years with 1 bathroom and it’s been (mostly) fine.

But for just one bathroom, this one comes through with all of the grandma-chic vibes that I love. It has the love-it-or-hate-it colored tiles (which thankfully I love) and…it has a separate tub and shower! And it’s a deeeeep tub. I am in heaven with this tub.

stall shower with vintage pink tile

I went to eventually find a way to add some Forest Green to this room so it isn’t too pink (Corey has accepted the pink because I love it so much, but I would love to balance it out with a more masculine color). We might change out the light fixture, the window treatments, and paint a wall or add an interesting wallpaper.

Dining Room:

dining room with original built-ins

This may not be a popular opinion in the age of open floor plans but I love having a separate dining room. We love having friends over for dinner and game nights and having a room specifically centered around the joy of friends, family, and food (and without a tv) feels so cozy and like I’m taking a step in the direction of who I would like to be. Don’t get me wrong, Corey and I eat in front of the tv for dinner almost every night, but having a separate space makes certain nights feel more memorable.

dining room going into kitchen


vintage kitchen

I have a love/hate relationship with this kitchen. Look at the built-in booth with bay windows! And the vintage stove! And that giant pantry!

But also those florescent lights make even the shortest of people feel like giants, there is only 1 outlet for the counter tops, and though the stove looks amazing – it’s electric and old and finicky. I’ve named her Betty and we are starting to get to know each other better but I am already pining for the day we can redo this room with a new gas stove, a lower maintenance countertop and sink, add a dishwasher, and remove these lights.

original built-in booth in kitchen nook

Bonus Room:

And in the move-in haste – I forgot to take a picture of our little bonus room! It’s off the living room and it has a tile floor and feels like it was once a porch. We went back and forth with what to do with it. We had ideas of making that a small office and keeping the 2nd bedroom as a guest room. We also thought it could be a good reading nook and plant room. And for a hot second, we considered making it the dogs room! Ha!

We have started working on making it into a little workout room which makes the most sense for us at this stage and will be used the most in that capacity.

Laundry Room:

The laundry room is actually in the back of the detached garage. When we got here, it was functioning but definitely not appealing.

laundry room (before photo!)

Okay, it was pretty horrifying.

laundry room

But that has changed because…

The other thing about this house is that it came with a 1 bedroom/1 bathroom apartment above the garage. Yep! We’re taking the leap into landlord living. And let me tell you – that apartment needed WORK. A before and after post, including the laundry room, is coming your way soon.

And that’s the tour! There’s a lot to be done but we are so happy to be here and to start learning a TON about homeownership! If you follow me on instagram, you’ve already gotten a peak at some of the things we’ve been doing, so come find me to get more behind-the-scenes of all of our home renovations!

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