Printable: 2020 Oscar Ballot

2020 Free Printable Oscar Ballot

It’s that time of year again! The time of year that if you live in Los Angeles, most of your small-talk is based around awards season. We’re talking about what we liked, what we didn’t like, how it’s possible that so-and-so did or didn’t like such-and-such. Basically, we can’t stop talking about movies. And all of this energy and gossip culminates on February 9th when a bunch of fancy (see: mostly out of touch) industry people get even fancier and hand out the fanciest of trophies to those they deem worthy.

Basically, I love it.

2020 Free Printable Academy Award Ballot, Oscar Ballot

I haven’t even seen most of the movies that are nominated this year but we all know that isn’t the point of the Oscars for all of us normies. For us, it’s about the snacks, the lusting over dresses and suits (and sometimes the bodies inside them), and the cut-throat guessing competition that is the Academy Awards Ballot.

2020 Free Printable Oscar Ballot

Fear not, I put together another printable Oscar Ballot for your viewing party needs! Enjoy the show, good luck with your votes, and please tag me in any posts. I would love to see you enjoying the ballots.

Happy Oscars!

2020 Free Printable Oscar Ballot

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