70s Retro Cross-Stitch Pattern with California Style

70s Retro Cross-Stitch Pattern with California Style

It is the middle of the summer and it has been blisteringly hot in Southern California. Since it’s too hot to actually be outside enjoying all that California has to offer, I created this new 70s retro style “Dude” cross-stitch pattern to give me those California vibes while indoors and blasting my AC.

I’m really digging the clean and colorful lines and curves of that specific 70s retro style lately and I knew I wanted to try it out in cross-stitch form. It turned out pretty great, right?! I have a few more ideas for some future patterns in the same style so stay-tuned for those.

The pattern took me about a month to stitch but that is only because I was using it primarily as my Virtual Craft Night project and so I was only working on it a few hours a week. If you were to work consistently, this dude could be stitched and completed within a week.

Materials used:

Hope this little guy brings you as much nostalgic joy as it brings me! He is currently posted up near the record player in our living room 🙂

PRINTABLE: “We Are All Trying Our Best” Coloring Page

PRINTABLE: “We Are All Trying Our Best” Coloring Page

Why yes, it is 2 coloring page posts in a row! What can I say, I am on a coloring kick, and that kick is happening for a few reasons. First, during the age of Covid-19 and Staying Home, I feel like Coloring Pages are accessible and don’t require a lot of supplies. Who wants to do another online order right now if they don’t have to? Coloring Pages are accessible and I want to be able to provide something simple during all of this.

A second reason is that the Coloring Night for Virtual Craft Night went so well that I am going to make it a weekly event. All Wednesday sessions are now Coloring Nights! So give yourself a break and come join us in some relaxing coloring.

For this week’s Coloring Page, I adjusted this handlettered piece that I created out of my own frustration. For some reason, everyone is trying to tell everyone else how to spend their Stay at Home time. “You should be creating your best work!” “Why are you so productive? You should be relaxing.” “Why are you assuming any of us have time to be productive OR be relaxing?”

The truth is we all are trying our best to cope with this in our own personal way. So you do you and let everyone do them.

Download your coloring page here and if you need more coloring inspiration you can check out my Geometric Stay Home and There’s No More Space for Negativity pages.

And remember to tag your finished pieces with #shortandloud ! Happy Coloring!

Printable: Stay Home Modern Geometric Coloring Page

Printable: Stay Home Modern Geometric Coloring Page

The Virtual Craft Nights are going strong and I am thrilled to be making meaningful connections with fellow crafters and creatives during this new “Stay Home” world we live in. And this week, Wednesday April 8th, will be our first theme night! COLORING NIGHT! Come as you are, bring a coloring page or a blank page to doodle OR you could download this new modern geometric Stay Home page that I created just for this event.

Download here and please use #shortandloud when you post your final piece!

Stay Home Modern Geometric Coloring Page

And if you are looking for even more coloring fun, you can grab my No More Negativity Coloring Page as well!

Happy Coloring!

Virtual Craft Night During Social Distancing

Virtual Craft Night During Social Distancing

UPDATE: Craft Night is now closed to new members. Thank you all for 7 months full of crafting and friendship.

While we all do our part to socially distance ourselves for the betterment of others, we can still virtually come together for group craft nights!

For the foreseeable future, I will be hosting Group Craft Nights. A space where we can come together to chat, commiserate, and work on our current projects while giving ourselves a little space from our under-the-same-roof quarantiners.

Here’s the schedule:

Note that all times are Pacific Standard Time.

Sign up here and come craft with us! Note: Please check your email (including spam) 1 – 2 hours before the session to receive the zoom link.

I am also offering One-on-One Casual Coffees! We can pretend we are at a cute little coffee shop instead of in our home offices, living rooms, and bedrooms.

Sign up for a Casual Coffee here!

And if you are looking for some project ideas, you can try these:

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Hand Stitched Rainbow Wall Hanging

Macrame Keychains

“No Space for Negativity” Coloring Page

Scrabble Fridge Magnets

Toy Dinosaur Necklace

Fiber Rainbow Jacket Pin

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