Virtual Craft Night During Social Distancing

Virtual Craft Night During Social Distancing

UPDATE: Craft Night is now closed to new members. Thank you all for 7 months full of crafting and friendship.

While we all do our part to socially distance ourselves for the betterment of others, we can still virtually come together for group craft nights!

For the foreseeable future, I will be hosting Group Craft Nights. A space where we can come together to chat, commiserate, and work on our current projects while giving ourselves a little space from our under-the-same-roof quarantiners.

Here’s the schedule:

Note that all times are Pacific Standard Time.

Sign up here and come craft with us! Note: Please check your email (including spam) 1 – 2 hours before the session to receive the zoom link.

I am also offering One-on-One Casual Coffees! We can pretend we are at a cute little coffee shop instead of in our home offices, living rooms, and bedrooms.

Sign up for a Casual Coffee here!

And if you are looking for some project ideas, you can try these:

Embroidered Baseball Hat

Hand Stitched Rainbow Wall Hanging

Macrame Keychains

“No Space for Negativity” Coloring Page

Scrabble Fridge Magnets

Toy Dinosaur Necklace

Fiber Rainbow Jacket Pin

Iron-on Sock Patches

We Bought a House!

We Bought a House!

This post should really be titled, “We Bought a House (3 months ago)!” I had grand plans to post about “the best ways to pack for a move”, a “moving checklist”, etc. and then the actual packing, moving, and renovations started happening (more on the renovations later) and I decided it was best to not add another item to the to do list. But hey, better late than never! So here’s a little tour of the new house with some ideas of what is to come.

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Jury Duty in Downtown LA: Tips and Tricks

Jury Duty in Downtown LA: Tips and Tricks

This summer, I was one of the lucky ones chosen to serve my civic duty for 3 weeks on a jury. You read that correctly. I did 3 full weeks of jury duty this summer. And the real kicker is that I kind of enjoyed it? It definitely took a few days to get used to my new temporary jury duty life in Downtown LA but by the end of it, I figured out how to make the most of my days down there. Here are some of the tips I wish I had known going into jury duty in DTLA.

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My Favorite Podcasts to Get Out of a Creative Rut

My Favorite Podcasts to Get Out of a Creative Rut

The age of podcasts is officially here. Almost everyone I know now listens to at least one podcast regularly. It’s a phenomenal time to start listening because there is a podcast for everything these days! For a very long time, I only listened to comedy and food podcasts but recently, there has been some major moves in the crafter/maker podcast genre.

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