If you live in the US, I don't have to remind you that the Super Bowl is this weekend. And
In a previous life (see: before night cream), I was a musical theater performer. Music is a bit vital to
I recently inherited a massive collection of costume jewelry from my grandma. Tins, bags, boxes full of the stuff. I
Another New Years post? I know, you've probably been reading a lot of them. 2019 seems like the year that
What more is there to say about washi tape that hasn't already been said on the internet? It's fun, it's
How is your New Year starting out? I'll be back to work on Monday but have really been enjoying my
I have one of those brains that is really good at convincing me that I should give up. I constantly
First off, welcome to short + loud! My new little corner of the internet. To be honest, I can't call